Saturday, February 11, 2012

Party games and other adventures

I spent Friday night playing good old fashioned party games with friends. 

Why did this ever go out of style?  I remember when I was a wee coco, my family and I used to reference a book called "Gay Party Games" at Grandma and Grandpa Brown's house.  My parents would snicker at the book title (I had no idea why, but would laugh along like I did) then they would leaf through the book and find game for the whole family to play together!

Look...for a mere $18 US I could own the party bible.  I would forever throw super fun (and apparently hilarious) parties! I must investigate further...
Here is an entire page on losers!  I love that in 1942 is just was what it was (not that I REALLY have any idea what it was like in 1942) there was seemingly no worry about upsetting, scarring, or drawing attention to a loser. Some suggestions include:
- saying "mixed biscuits" rapidly ten times (I seriously cannot even say it once)
-without using your hands find a dime in a saucer of flour! WHITE VOLCANO hee hee
-say "what am I doing" four different ways by placing the accent on a different word each time you say it. At the end the Judge says "making a fool of yourself". (you even got to HUMILIATE losers in the 40'

By 1967 the games starting getting a little more interesting! LOL It's not what you think...sheesh! Well, truthfully it would seem the games are straying a bit from 1942 and some of the games make me a little I'm sticking with the 40's.

I wholeheartedly think games are a great way to have fun and some laughs and create fabulous memories.  We played Musical Chairs, a relay game with 2 teams, a pillow and some yelling of "OVER" or "UNDER", a Pictionary type game and we ended with some charades!! 

I loved how the friends we were with, brought up memories of years past charade moves and laughed again about it (they are all family and have been doing this for years together)!  I do believe we will be giggling for a while remembering a certain someone trying to act out "Alice in Wonderland"!!
I really am going to try and bring this back, no matter how much groaning I get from people. It's time. 50 years later. Gay Party Games. (do not bother to google this...they aren't what they used to be)
Will you come to my party?