Saturday, November 19, 2011


Day 13 Vegan

crafted from fabric & cork's been a long stressful week and I got myself a touch of the flu (viral or stress...I'm not sure) For you non-believers, I'm fairly certain it is NOT because I haven't eaten animal protein in 13 days! 
Sunday night dinner at my mom's was awesome!  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!  Considering Mom told me to F-Off when I told her about wanting to try the 30 day Vegan Challenge, I really hadn't expected her to cook us a full vegan dinner!  She made a Vegetable Paella (if you run into Mom...ask her to say makes me giggle everytime!) that was delicious with corn and coleslaw, vegan bread and margarine, followed with this amazing bunt cake...banana chocolate! YUM!!  In the midst of this family dinner, my husband somehow convinced my Step-Dad to try the 30 day Vegan Challenge...Mom is super thrilled about this!!! LOL  Last I heard she was making Seitan and he has been vegan 5 days!!!!
Murphy is not vegan

I have discovered a new blog It is so inspiring!  Her creations are beautiful.  I think I will try the Black Bean Chili Chocolate cookies this weekend!  I am also going to make a Red Lentil Pate to go with baguettes to share with friends.  I have discovered two quick delicious dinners this week:

1. steam potato, carrot, swiss chard, edamam beans tossed with margarine (vegan of course) dill and salt...super fast easy dinner for when you are tired from a stressful day at work and cannot call and order pizza because you are on the 30 day Vegan Challenge!

2. Saute onions in a soup pot, add 1 carton of veggie stalk, a bag of frozen veggies, a can of white kidney beans (or whatever beans/lentils you have in your pantry) and rice pasta...viola...instant vegan soup!!!

This week has been challenging for me.  Not because I'm craving any cheese or eggs...or whatever I thought I would be freaking out about, by now, but because choosing to eat this way takes preparation and organization...two things I am VERY bad at.  I'm super happy I've discovered some Vegan Fast Food!  But really want to cook some new dishes this week so I'd better get organized!
I have managed to knit out a dish cloth, a cowl and a penis sock....OK, it's really going to be a head band thingy (official name) I will post pictures when it's done as I have big plans for the HBT!  I also spent a whole $6 at the local thrift store and got the most awesome 2 items!!!

This Picasso cost $4 and albeit a print (LOL) is priceless and so inspiring to me!  My remaining $2 spent will be in my next post...CLIFF HANGER...hee hee

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!
xoxo coco

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lazy solitary weekend

I have just made myself some double love tea!  It's been a fairly quiet weekend for me as G has worked all weekend and is currently there again as I type...sigh
Thank Goddess for girlfriends and wine!  Friday night was super fun and has kept me out of a funk for the rest of the weekend.

Day 5 & 6 of the vegan challenge have been awesome!  Still no cravings for cheese!  I really thought this would be the one thing that would be making me go crazy by now...but nope...all good! 
since Friday night!  It's super delish!  I will, however, next time add more heat (cayenne) and add some greens (kale, Swiss chard or spinach) I made basmatti rice and don't forget the cilantro (which I did for this picture!) it really helps to layer the symphony of tastes perfectly.
I'm also excited to report my weight loss tomorrow after a full week being vegan.  I'm not exactly sure how much I've lost but I sure feel good...stay tuned...

A little know fact about me...I'm a wool hoarder!  I cannot help myself.  I see wool, I must have it.  Then I start simple projects and rarely finish them.  Almost every one of my needles have a half finished something on them!  So today, I vow to finish SOMETHING in my knitting basket (ok, I may have more than one knitting basket, I am also a basket collector and wool looks really nice in baskets...I'm just saying).
So bottoms up "le double thé d'amour" and a knitting I will go!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Feelin' great!

(on the burner today Body Shop's Silver Fir)

Day 3 and 4 are behind me on my 30 Day vegan challange and I feel amazing!  I really am finding it almost unbelievable how much energy I have.  This is so huge considering I find this time of year super hard.  Since being diagnosed with being crazy...(not the exact medical diagnosis) I have struggled with the medication prescribed to me.  I decided a couple of months ago to try to treat myself (not the best idea...I know what my doctor will say about this!) with diet and excersise. I just didn't like how the meds made me feel.  I just feel so especially awesome this week!  I could chalk it up to coincedence, I suppose, but it has been quite grey here and that would normally have me in bed with the duvet over my head while all my work piles up around me, I really think this is helping.  I actually am looking forward to cleaning my house today...if you know me, you know this is HUGE!  I also am going to tackle my little studio as I have been wanting to start making art again!? YAY! you can see this diet of plant-based foods, is pretty much a miracle to me!  I have looked forward to my workouts all week, which NEVER happens!
Jewel is loving my new verve for morning workouts too!  Here she is vigorously rubbing herself on my runners while I'm doing my stretches...might I also note she drooled all over my yoga mat! She is so happy,  I'm happy!

I have been sticking to the same breakfast all week of quinoa and a Vega shake and ate at Boon Burger again for lunch on Wednesday to support them for the TV filming.  I ate left over lemony potatoes on Wednesday night.  Last night I made our favourite cassorole from my favorite vegan blog It is such a yummy comfort food!

I am looking forward to trying some new recipes this weekend as well as getting together with my most favorite girls tonight...thank goddess wine is vegan!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"To cut two carrots with one knife"

Today I started off my day with yoga practice at a Sunrise Yoga class here in town (at 6AM!) , lead by a good friend...such a lovely way to start the day!  It is difficult for me lately to get up that early with the shortened days...but I have to remember how good I feel when I do...

Day 2 - Vegan: I ate the same breakfast as yesterday and snacked on a handful of cashews and an apple.

For lunch we went to Boon Burger
Our friend owns this awesome vegan restaurant and a film crew is in this week from "You Gotta Eat Here" so we went to show our support!  We are going back tomorrow as well...good thing the food is amazing...I have no problem eating here two days in a row! I will, however, venture from my Salsa Burger (which I have EVERY time)!

I snacked on a banana and an orange and made a dish that I didn't take a picture of...
I steamed potato, carrot, kale and tossed with margarine, juice from half a lemon, fresh dill, dry thyme and salt.  I loved the flavor!  The lemon was nice to cut the bitterness of the kale and it was super easy to make.

I really feel great...I am surprised at how great I feel so quickly! I love feeling proud of my choices.  In my copy of "Vegan's Daily Companion" it is recommended to use "compassionate alternatives" for expressions such as kill two birds with one stone! She suggests to cut two carrots with one knife!  I can't say it falls off the tongue very easily but I'll give it a shot!  Though my family will really think I've taken flight over the cuckoo's nest...I think that expression is still OK, isn't it?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 1 Vegan

Well, I have to say that my first day as a Vegan was awesome!!  I never once felt deprived and I will share my day meals with you...
Breakfast is the picture above...Quinoa with raisins and cinnoman and a glass of Soy mixed with Vega powder (chai vanilla flavor...yum) See how the sheepie 1 & 2 love the quinoa too!

I had a snack of a banana mid morning at work  then....

for lunch I ordered cabbage soup, house salad and sourdough toast (unbuttered of course) from I am very lucky to work at Stella's Cafe where we have a number of Vegan options.
I had a mid afternoon snack of an apple and came home and made this...
Basmati rice with sauted Kale and was amazing!!!  I just used a tablespoon of Coconut oil, ginger, garlic and Bragg's and sauted up the tofu and kale...yummmmmy!! (the photography choice wasn't and learn)

Anyone else doing the challange?
Looking forward to Day 2!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Vegan for 30 days

Has anyone watched Forks over Knives?
Grant and I were blown away by the information in this we and our friend/boss are taking the challenge...
This book will be my every morning read and inspiration!  The picture on the cover of her hugging a cow and the fact that her name is Colleen led me to believe this was for me!

So for the next 30 days we are going to live and eat Vegan!  I have looked up a lot of resources and plan on making delicious meals with the help of Vegan's Daily Companion book as well as the awesome blog I follow

I love her recipes!!  So today's focus (according to my new bible) is Kale!
I love Kale!!!  So I will buy some on my way home and share how I used this in my dinner for tonight!

For the next 30 days I plan on blogging about my experiences and hope some of you will join me as I really feel so passionate about this decision! For my health and for the planet!
So who's in????  I know you want to!!!