Saturday, April 4, 2009

This weeks assignment for enCouraging bliss from Christine is Return to Your Garden of Eden.

It is warm, a little humid, NO mosquitoes or wind.

Starting from my toes (that are painted perfectly) nestled in a pair of favorite "flips" (pink sparkles of course) attached to my slightly tanned legs, that are are hidden, unless I'm standing behind the sun. In which case you would see their silhouette under my light cotton, white, "flowy" skirt. I am wearing a matching tank top and my hair is pulled back in a loose bun on top of my head. All I feel on my face is the sun and a smile. I feel beautiful.

It is morning. I walk on my path, collecting the dew from the grass. My sheepdogs and pussycats meander behind me, looking for a place to nap. There are tall trees along my path that whisper wisdom to me. I pet their bark in thanks. I feel their energy. Happy.

I come to my place. A comfy green wicker chair with colorful cotton cushions to sink into. It sits behind a large wood table that is piled high with any supply needed. This is where I create. This is where I dream. I don't mind if family or friends visit me here. We dream and create together, in the sunshine, listening to the trees. Bliss.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Now the key, I think, is to visit this place every day and see what impact that has on your waking, "real" life. :)