Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Time!

That's it...I really have to stop over-analysing EVERYTHING and just start....ANYTHING! I have the worst habit of wanting to do everything and starting nothing! It really is driving me crazy! Why am I like this? I am so completly jealous of "go-getters"! You know people who play guitar, paint, jog everyday, go to yoga class, have beautifully groomed animals and always look so put together! How the rippn' hell do people do it?

So today, I'm just going to make myself do something...anything. Perhaps start one of the many crosstitch patterns I have collected for up coming Yule. Or actually start knitting those cute slippers I keep meaning to get to. Or finally start the art class on line that I'm dying to take. But really...I'm again just typing about all this and doing it again...procrastination!

I really miss my friend Keelsta! We could procastinate together like no one else, but it was fun and I would make her laugh (she has the best laugh in the whole world!) But I moved away and am in a different province now, and though I thought the distance wouldn't make a difference, it seems to have. I wonder what she is doing now? Maybe procrastinating just like me?

Well, I've made myself a big pot of coffee, just got home from work, which I really find so completely unfullfilling and horrible, but we all need to bring home a paycheque I guess. I spend the day dreaming about all the things I'd rather be doing, or what I will do when I get home, then by the time I get here...I'm too tired to do anything! HORRIBLE. I need help! Seriously, I need the go-getters to chime in and tell me EXACTLY how they do it! Step-by-step!

I am really going to sign up for this art class...right now...I'm going to do it! Just watch me! I will tell you all about it later!

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Kelley said...

If you were referring to Suzi's petite doll class then, Yes yes do it!!! I just love it!! Also thank you so much for becoming a follower of my blog..welcome and I hope I don't bore you to badly..LOL I too tend to prograstinate alot..seems from what I've been hearing we are not alone..and yes I so envy those active,organized, together chickies!! I wish I had half the energy and motivation they seem to have, ya know? Well hope you did something today..