Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I want to go to camp!
I really think this would be tonnes of fun! I think I would like to treat myself to this camp but I feel like I will need to get my play space in order and I really need a laptop! I would love to be able to blog, read blogs and create anywhere I want! There are some web books for $239 at Future shop...I wonder if that is all I really need?
Anyways, I'm going to seriously consider taking this. It makes me laugh because a few years ago a friend (who doesn't talk to me anymore...:( ) and I wanted so badly to bring back earning badges, like in brownies. This reminds me of the fun we used to have in dreaming together. Perhaps I could meet some girls that like the same things I do, even if they live far away. I do not seem to have much luck with meeting new, like-minded ladies in person, so this might be awesome for me!
I wish my old friend was talking to me...she would have LOVED this class, and I would have loved taking it with her...*sigh*.

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