Friday, June 25, 2010

Crocheting sort of?

what a mess. my hands were cramping from this foreign way I had to hold the yarn. the stitches are uneven. the yarn is tangled. the book does not explain what a turning stitch really is and it keeps saying to turn my work! what does it all mean? all I want in life is to make a granny square and/or pretty flower like all my fellow crafty friends. why does this elude me? how will I ever make RVA Summer Camp's cute little rug if I can't accomplish crochet?
it's easy! they you knit? well it's easier than knitting...they say...they being those crocheters...I want to be one so bad!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, i know what you mean!! i feel the same way. i tried to learn a few years ago and it was horrible and now i'm just going to have to learn all over again! i never understand their directions.

Diana said...

my husband teaches crochet and knitting classes at the library, i should really take one!

Kamika said...

Personally I find crochet harder then knitting! But with practice I got it, kind has some great videos and the book "Happy Hooker" help me a lot as well!