Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mosquitoes are ruining my life (or less dramatic ruined my evening)

We tried to finish building the deck last night, me and G, but the mosquitoes were so bad we couldn't continue!

Here is Murph-Murph looking longingly from the existing deck to where the new extension will some day be!

The whole reason to build the extension was to have a place for the gazebo we were given for free (<~not including the $ to build the new deck, so pretty much NOT free AT ALL). It is too big to fit on our existing deck.
I personally believe that in order to have any enjoyment of Manitoba summers you must have some sort of screened in room. That way you still feel like you are sort of outside but the mosquitoes can't get you...unless someone leaves the door open too long.
Strong childhood memory: I'm at the lake, sitting in the porch and hearing over and over, "SHUT THE DOOR, YOU ARE LETTING THE MOSQUITOES IN!!!!" LOL
I guess G and I will try again...hoping it doesn't rain...which has been making it super impossible to build the deck AND the rain keeps growing mosquitoes.
I just want to sit and have a glass of wine in our gazebo, maybe even do some art or RVA Summer Camp projects in there. That's all I ask...

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Kyla Roma said...

lol Ugh, when we get home from walking the puppies we have a ritual where were all huddle super close to the door and then burst in all at once so we don't let the mosquitoes in! lol

Good luck managing them- and thank you for finding me, it's so cool that you live in the same city! :)