Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holy!!! This book is crazy awesome.
I am vegetarian mostly, but do still eat some fish and seafood, eggs, milk, cheese. But after reading this book, I'm pretty sure my only option is to become vegan. The chapter where they have quotes and stories from slaughterhouse workers is enough to give me nightmares for eternity. I won't even repeat them because I feel everyone should choose on their own to read about such horrors.
I am sitting here with my organic herbal tea this morning (instead of coffee...yikes) thinking I really want to make these changes. I am worried to read more on the subject of factory produced meat and poultry mostly because I'm not sure how you couldn't become all preachy! I really know there is a reason I have kept myself uneducated on this topic, especially when I was eating meat still.
Anyway, the book was good in the sense that it just pretty much told me I'm a fat pig that needs to use my head, think about what I put in my body and get off my fat ass and exercise. Sounds pretty logical to me!
So today I am telling myself I can do this, I do NOT need refined sugar to sweeten myself, I DON'T! lol This tea is way better than coffee...YES IT IS! I can already feel the weight melting from my thighs.

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Kyla Roma said...

Skinny Bitch is an interesting read- I've heard that "Eating Animals" is a more balanced kind of an approach that covers a lot of the same background information if you're looking to learn more :)

S.B. is fun, but if you're going vegan make sure you grab some vegan cookbooks so you have some well rounded meals as back ups :)