Friday, June 4, 2010

It's working!

Every Friday I have to weigh in and take my measurements...I was pretty nervous this morning to do so. I have been following the diet to the calorie and doing my workouts and starting to feel pretty good BUT I was worried to actually step on the scale. It has happened before that I am feeling good, gained some confidence and the BLAM gone, all because I stepped on the scale and found out I haven't lost any weight or gained a pound.
So...I did it anyway! And I lost 6lbs!!!! YIPPPPPEEEEE!!! and 2 inches off my waist and a quarter inch off my hips! CRAZY AWESOME!!!
I feel this is exactly the news I needed to carry on...I might even enjoy my workout this morning...OK that is getting a little crazy!!!! Does anyone actually like working out???


Sara said...

I enjoy the stress relief that I get from exercising . I love how clear my head is and how non-over-reactive I am when I run every day. HOWEVER, it's very hard for me to stay motivated.

By the way, hello fellow RVA Summer Camper! This is going to be fun!

Lisa said...

Yay for another workout! Thanks for your comment on my site as well...and oh so true. I was addicted to music before but since we weren't allowed to use it during the mini-marathon, I had to learn to live without it. Definitely a different way of running! I still can't do music-free on the treadmill, though.

Keep motivating me!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hard Work well rewarded!! WAY TO GO!!!