Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Environmental Hurdle

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. Spring is finally here!
All her winter planning to become more environmentally conscious is about to be put to action!
She gets her bicycle. It was purchased from a yard sale (of course! No new, manufactured items for Coco!). This bike has been cleaned (with vinegar) and repainted (with low-toxin paint) a flashy red! Not everything "green" has to be green! She thought, that was just showing off! A basket, that once held geraniums (a gift from a friend) was tied to the handle bars. It will NOW hold her beloved pussycat, who, Coco is positive, will love to ride on the bicycle too! She puts on her helmet (made from recycled plastic) and her goggles, which she found in the bottom of her closet. These were from the days she dreamed of being a downhill skier, not a realistic dream considering her home was on the prairies and practicing was difficult given the terrain.
She is all set! She grabs Lucy-cat and places her in the basket and starts to peddle through her town. She smiles and waves at all the town folk, who are coming out of their church service on the glorious Sunday afternoon.
She peddles...and peddles...and peddles some more. While she is peddling she starts thinking. How great a feeling this is to be kind to the environment. The horses in their pastures seem to smile and thank her for being so awesome as she peddles by them. The birds in the trees are singing, just to her for being so awesome. She is so proud of herself.
Coco thinks she will make it to work for Monday morning on time. She starts to ponder that perhaps living in the country and working elsewhere is a difficult hurdle on her path to environmental awesomeness.
Perhaps a career change is just what the environment ordered.

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