Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Winter Go Away!

I was e-mailed this appropriate to how I'm feeling. It is -40C today...I must remind myself that this is March, not January! I made it to work only to get a migraine about an hour in. I feel like I'm going crazy! I really need to figure out why I am getting so many headaches, then fix it! Then I look at the art challenge this week and it's "SMILE"...good grief, you have got to be kidding! So I've taken some meds to get rid of my ache and I hear it is supposed to go up to +5C by the weekend, so maybe...just maybe I can try to create something for "smile"!
I started a little piece for my grandma for St Patrick's Day. I hope it turns out!
I also have been struggling with how to affix my ribbon to my wooden birds for my Three Little it's not finished yet. I went to use my glue gun, only to discover that my glue sticks are too big for my gun! Wow, not much has gone super great so far this week!
I will survive. I will get better. It will warm up.
It always does!

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