Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why do I suck so bad at housekeeping?

I have no idea why I am the worst housekeeper in the world. I have no idea why I do not have a care about the dust bunnies rolling by me or that my bathroom is messy with stuff everywhere. I am so envious of those people that have neat and tidy houses! The only time my house is "sort" of like that is when we know people are coming over...especially my parents. But even for those times I half-ass do it. It is an illusion. You know, throwing "stuff" in closets, spare bedrooms, where ever I KNOW they won't go! I so desperately want to care. I am so ready to change!
I keep thinking how lovely it would be to have a neat and tidy and clean house. I have the image in my head, this is why I really think I can do it! But then the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start kicks in. I get frustrated. Discouraged. And my house remains the same!
Why, does it seem, I am the only one with all this clutter? Am I going to be one of those women in their 70's that have stacks of newspapers and 14 cats? I fear this may happen! At least my wonderful husband is excellent at organization. He organizes my art area. It makes me crazy! Is this a condition I should speak to my doctor about? Perhaps someone could shed some light on why I have to have every single thing I own out on display for the world to see. Why is it so hard to put the toothpaste IN the drawer? Why do I have to keep it on the counter? Do I have a fear of drawers and cupboards? Am I afraid if it is put away I won't find it ever again? Like socks in the dryer?
What has sparked this craziness this dad is coming over for coffee at 10AM!
What am I doing? Writing this INSTEAD of pushing the vacuum around or placing the stuff in cupboards and drawers.
Wow, I think I am crazy! I wonder if all my friends are doing Saturday morning cleaning as I write this? If so...any tips or encouragement would be helpful!
Here I go...I'm going to do my best to make some sparkles!

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