Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow? Just what we need!

What a difference a day makes! We are in the middle of a snow storm. Our "lake" in the front yard has frozen over and the roads look like they have been polished to a perfect ice skating rink! I just got word that Ottawa is 11 degrees C today. Why did we move back home? I'm starting to go stir crazy, I've been house bound for 2 days and I cannot even muster up some creative thoughts for art today. I think the gray weather is starting to suck me in! HELP! I hope I wake up tomorrow and this is all a dream/nightmare. But I fear it is not! So I will try to make the most of it. Maybe I will have a nice hot bath, put on my favorite pj's, and create a place where it IS spring.
Yup...good idea.

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