Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time to get going!

Holy Cow...I just really need spring to come already!

I have been feeling really tired and the migranes are coming more frequently, I still am wondering if this is due to my work environment, but I can not change that...right now. It's my "fake job" and someday my real job will present itself!

I have really tried to motivate myself to:

a) Eat more healthfully

b) Excersise (walk the poor sheepies and Yoga)

Is this what every person has a goals?

I just do NOT want to go back to Ottawa for Kimmy's wedding in July looking all pale and unhealthy and chubby! I want my husband to look at me and say "That is MY sexy wife!" and most of all, I (with a capital and bold I) want to feel sexy, healthy and glowing!

I have decided that trying to live creatively HAS to include being healthy and feeling GREAT! I just feel I will accomplish more this way!

ps. Someday I WILL address the smoking...not steps!

I am going to work on my Arty Girlz Challange now and will post when done!

This week it is a blue and yellow colour combo....hmmmmm what will it be? SUPER FUN!!!

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